About Coastal Staging

Coastal staging

is a Luxury Interior Decorator and Home Staging company. Our designers have an impeccable sense of space planning, furniture placement, and accessories selection giving a room it’s unique appearance, we show a home as if it is a work of art.

Home Staging is more than de-cluttering or placing furniture, it’s about creating an ambiance in the home in order to appeal to potential buyers both online and in actual showings. Staging is also about taking into consideration the location and architectural style of the property. One style doesn’t fit all, it’s about showcasing the best feature of every home.


Meet our team

May Aviv - chief design officer

My journey started in Tokyo, Japan after leaving my hometown more than 10 years ago. As a design major graduate and experienced designer, Tokyo had inspired me to learn the design secrets of the city and the combination of minimalism that leads to perfect performance.

I studied various Japanese design philosophies such as Zen Art, Flower Arrangement (Ikebana), Pottery, and Sumida painting. The main motive which I studied and still implementing today is cleanness outside the home leads to aesthetic inside.

After 3 years in Tokyo, I moved with my family to Shanghai China where I continued to enrich myself with Chinese design studies with a focus on Feng Shui design philosophy, enabling me to understand the importance of nature as a source of creation and energy balance.

I like to find the balance between modern and transitional designs and Feng Shui and Zen concepts.

Why we do it

Home buying is a very emotional transaction…either you feel it or you don’t. We completely stage vacant homes or we add style to partly furnished ones by adding accents and furniture as needed.

Working with Realtors, Owners, and  Investors within different budgets we furnish and design the home interior creating a warm and welcoming environment and increasing the emotional attachment of potential Buyers.

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